about laguna medical incubator

Laguna Medical Incubator, headquartered in Chengdu, China, is a cross-border biomedical incubation center of Laguna Ventures. Laguna Medical Incubator uncovers the next generation of leading biomedical startups, help these businesses cut into the industrial chain and provide full-scale incubation from technical reserve to profitable operations.

Currently, we have established long-term collaborations with local governments, national universities, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and other medical institutions. We have launched our startup incubation program in Chengdu, China. Our team of experienced investors will be involved in the incubation process and provide timely support, including but not limited to advanced lab spaces, talent acquisitions, corporate strategies and industry connections.

Why the market needs Laguna Medical Incubator

Over the years, our investors have seen a certain gap in the biomedical markets between China and overseas countries. For instance, cancer patients in overseas countries have the access to more drug options and more advanced drugs than cancer patients in China. The problem is found not only in the pharmaceutical market, but also in the fields of therapeutics and medical devices. 

We are critically acknowledged that it seems challenging for the latest technology to enter the Chinese market directly given the limits on early-stage funding, team size and long development cycles. Also some founders may choose to grow their companies in the US or European markets before considering to pursue their global footprints, and therefore their market entries in China will be significantly delayed.

Laguna Medical Incubator utilizes its collaborative relationships with leading medical institutions, local governments, national universities and hospitals in China, and help our startups find the suitable business partners in the early stage of technology research and market development. In this case, the landing of the advanced biomedical technology in China can be accelerated.

On the basis of capital investment from our venture capital fund, Laguna Medical Incubator provides innovative and customized mode of cooperation, benefiting both startup founders in overseas countries and massive patients in China.