Laguna Ventures is a cross-border biomedical venture capital fund focusing on early-stage investments in medical devices, tools or platforms technologies, and biopharma companies. We integrate capital injection and startup incubation into our pioneering investment strategy so as to help our businesses break into new markets, especially China. Our check size is around $250k on average, but more importantly we provide our founders with tremendous industry connections and business expertise with a goal to tap into the Chinese markets otherwise inaccessible to early stage enterprises.


Our mission is to invest in the most promising biomedical technology, facilitate the process of its cross-border commercialization, and make it accessible for patients all over the world. Laguna Ventures works closely with enterprises developing cutting-edge biotechnologies in overseas countries, utilizes its collaborative relationships with leading medical institutions in China, and deliver these innovative products to the Chinese market. We serve as a great partner to our founders. We help our businesses to reach a new height. We hope patients in China can benefit from the most advanced biotechnology in the world.

LAGUNA Competitiveness

» Vertical Integration of Capital Injection and Startup Incubation

» Long-term Capital Assurance backed by Venture Fund and Industrial Fund

» Full-scale Incubation from Technical Reserve to Profitable Operations

» Unique Investment Perspective and Premium Deal Flow brought by Cross-Border Background

» Strong US Partners and Cooperative Relationships 

» Support from Leading Biotech Enterprises in China

» Established Track Record of Business Development

» De-Risk Capability and Multiple Options of Profitability