About laguna

Laguna Ventures is a cross-border biomedical venture capital fund focusing on early-stage investments in medical devices, tools or platforms technologies, and biopharma companies. We integrate capital injection and startup incubation into our pioneering investment strategy so as to help our businesses break into new markets, especially China. Our check size is around $250k on average, but more importantly we provide our founders with tremendous industry connections and business expertise with a goal to tap into the Chinese markets otherwise inaccessible to early stage enterprises.

Currently, Laguna Ventures has established long-term collaborations with local governments, national universities, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and other medical institutions. We have launched our startup incubation program at Laguna Medical Incubator, our incubation center headquartered in Chengdu, China. Our team of experienced investors will be involved in the incubation process and provide timely support, including but not limited to advanced lab spaces, talent acquisitions, corporate strategies and industry connections.